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The Best Trailer Tie System On the Market!
The HiTie was developed to provide a comfortable and safe alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The HiTie gives horses free movement and access to an area equivalent of a 13 foot diameter round pen. This safe, controlled movement gives horses the ability to graze, eat, drink, roll and lie down while tied.

Quality and Durability! The HiTie is manufactured by a leading hitch and receiver manufacturing company. All components are made from stainless steel and will not rust. The fiberglass rod used in the HiTie system is also used in mooring whips designed to dock and protect boats weighing up to 72,000 pounds. The adjustable bungee tether can be adjusted to accommodate differences in trailer and horse height.

**IMPORTANT** Installation instructions are intended as a guide only. It is your responsibility to determine the proper location on your particular trailer to mount the HiTie Trailer Tie System. As a general, common sense rule, the HiTie System MUST be mounted to an area on the trailer wall that can support both the weight of the system and any loads put on it by the horse. Mounting to an area with an internal support beam is ideal. **EasyCare assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by improper mounting. ** If you are in need of the HiTie Application Guide, please CLICK HERE.

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