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We are always thrilled when our customer's take the time to write to us, to let us know how much they like our products, their new Biothane tack, and our customer service. So, we thought we would share a few of their comments with you. Thank you all for your kind words and for your support of our company! Best of luck to you all and Happy Trails!

Hi! A few weeks ago you talked me through a the measurements for a new breast collar (I had only an ill fitting one I had borrowed from a friend to go off of) and I just wanted to let you know
a) it arrived within a couple days (2 to be exact)--Wow! and
b) it fit great, with lots of ability to adjust.
Thank you so much for all your time on the phone, for making the ordering so easy and personable, for the great fit of the collar, as well as the super quality of the item itself. I took it on a five day trip to Northern PA in the mountains a few days after it arrived and rode for hours at a time--the saddle stayed where it needed to, and the collar didn't rub my horse one iota.
Your help and the work you do in making good stuff that fits is so appreciated! Thank you, Jean Capellari

I just wanted to let you know I received my Texas one ear black Sundance bridle and yacht rope reins today and it has absolutely exceeded my expectations! The reins are exactly like my "natural horsemanship" lead ropes and the hardware on the bridle is gorgeous, even my geldings won't mind wearing it! Thank you again. Molly Smith

I just got my box -- thank you! I must say, I'm really impressed by how fast you do business -- I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again! Kimberly
Thanks for the new bridle, breast collar set. ItÂ’s hard to believe that I ordered Monday morning and received items today, Thanks, Belinda Ralston

I just wanted to let you know that last year I ordered your Shear Comfort Full Western Sheepskin Seat Saver for comfortable trail riding. I rode both summer and winter with it. It's not just a wonderful seat saver, but is also a great seat and leg warmer. So glad I have you in my contact list and have recommended your store to friends. Retired bones feel the saddle more, and with the seat saver, mine are saying, "ah, yes"! Nancy Elsea

I like my full seat cover so much, I ordered a second one today. Really nice. Really Comfy. Thank you for the fast service. Carey Brock, Khandy and Magic

I LOVE my new green breast collar!!! Thank you so much!!! Kristy

Hi, I received my trail bridle and reins today and they are beautiful and very well made! Thank you! Celeste Crisman

Got the new brow band today. It is perfect, thanks!! Your customer service blows me away!

I love everything I have ever bought from you! Even though I don't keep my tack as clean as I should, that's why I love bio thane! I still get compliments on the Texas stars on my bridles and can't wait to order the new Sundance Bridle for my new horse. I especially love all the "little" accessories you offer that you never realized you needed. Thank you for all of your Made in America products and the top quality customer service you provide! I will continue to order what I need from you! Thank you, Molly Smith

Thank you soooo much for the clip, and the bonus battery!!! You definitely go "above and beyond". SO nice to have a company that really, really cares about their clients. I'm going to chat rooms, etc. and sing your praises (without being specific). Lela

Wow, got my other package last PM. You guys are great, easy to work with, and definitely on the ball!! Looking forward to the water tank! Best, Pat

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I received my order of a biothane halter bridle/breast collar set in the mail yesterday and that I am SO PLEASED with it! I had ordered a set with the GLO overlay on it as we are avid night riders and it looks AWESOME! Lightening fast service and shipment and super quality! Now for me to decide what to order for the other horses in the family!!! Thanks, Becky H.

I have had a few opportunities to try the jeans out with great results! I have no more issues with seams rubbing my knees making my ride uncomfortable. The fit is great with no waist gaping which is a regular issue for me. They are a little long and drag a little on the ground but I can hem that up with no problem. The fabric is stretchy enough that they move with me and my horse. I will be ordering more of these in the future. Thank you for all your help! Dena

Thank you so much for getting my order to me today in time for my trip. The trail bridle is absolutely beautiful and I will show it to everyone I meet on the trail this week at Big South Fork and tell them about The Distance Depot! Thank you again for the amazing service. I will be a customer for life!! Kathy Lapointe

Thanks for such wonderful service! Cindy Fauser

I just wanted to tell you that your service was great! My mom and I had just ordered my things from The Distance Depot and I figured it would take a couple of weeks before I would get the order. Much to my surprise, I was out brushing the horses thinking how nice it would be to be able to use my new tack while on Christmas break from school, and here pulled in a delivery truck with my order! I was shocked that it came within a couple of days. I was so happy to get it. Plus my tack is beautiful and works great. THANK YOU!!! Wendy Justice, Your Very Satisfied Customer

Man, am I glad I stumbled across your store! I just got my new Montana Cinchas Mohair girth that you recommended. Put it on my Morgan and cinched him up. Before, he has always pinned his ears and tossed his head. He didn't do it once with this new girth! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't ride, as it was pouring down rain and the fields are mud, but he stood in his stall like he had nothing on. Wow! Guess I don't need the fancy sheepskin girth cover, but I'm going to keep it anyway. Have 4 horses here and one may need it sometime! Thanks again. I'm recommending your store for all my friends trail riding needs! Nancy Elsea

Hello, I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service you provide. I ordered a biothane halter/bridle combo for my horse and I received it so fast!!! I love that you shipped it out so quickly! I absolutely love the bridle, it fits my horse perfect and looks beautiful on her. Thank you again! Crystal Stutz

Hi, I just received my new halter bridle the other day, warm blood size purple and is just beautiful, I am very happy with the quality and it fits my big girl perfectly!..I am calling in another order Monday or Tuesday for my boy, draft size this time, just figuring out what colors..I love the bridle soooo much! Thanx again. Bridie Ryan

Greetings, I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for my recent order. I ordered Formula 4 Feet in the afternoon on Monday and it shipped out almost immediately! I received it on Wednesday, which was perfect because I was really excited to get my horses started on it! I also love that I can earn rewards while buying something my horse will regularly need! I'll be ordering some more in a few weeks! Thanks so much for your prompt shipping and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Cheers, Nina Collins

I love love love how fast you ship! Already on it's way?! Amazing! I order from several companies for horse items due to a lack of stores in our area and you are the ONLY one that ships this fast! Shaleen Gillen

Wow, now that is what I call customer service. Thank you so very much. It was a gift so it is greatly appreciated to get it back as soon as possible. You have a devoted customer, and I will make sure to give you referrals every chance I get. Have a lovely evening, Robyn Hansen

You guys rock!! My order (western sheepskin saddle cover, stowaway hoof boot bag, etc) got here today!! Thank you soo much! the saddle cover is a present for my husband, but I was late in ordering it, so I doubted that it would get here on time, even tho your estimate was for today. The package arrived and the sheepskin cover is beautiful and well-made. Thanks again! Ellen Robinson

Five years ago I purchased your biothane bridle/halter combo, breast collar w/ martingale. I have loved it every day I've used it or cleaned it. After working all week, I barely have time to ride, so I sure don't have time to clean & care for leather. My biothane looks as good as new after I run it through the dish washer. At this rate of wear I may never have to replace it. The only thing I like even better than the tack is doing business with you. On every occasion I have found you to be warm, thoughtful, and responsive. Your customer service sets a standard to which I aspire in my own work. Rhonda Payne

Thanks so much for "going the extra mile" with my order. This definitely makes me want to be a repeat customer, recommend you to others, and to give preference to you when ordering :) Anna

My new Shear Comfort is exactly like the one I have used for several years. The elastic around the cantle and the three shoelace tie strings secure the saddle without bunching. It is real sheepskin which retains its cushion over time. The underside is soft and well cured "sheep leather" so stays in place. It is easy to remove for saddle cleaning and does not tear at the stress points. I am very pleased with my purchase! Thanks again! Karen Lee

I just wanted to let you know how great I think you are. I had previously ordered a pair of E-Z ride stirrups from a competitor and put a note on the order asking that they please have them to me by Friday as I had an endurance ride over that weekend. Their shipping was priority and this was a Monday so I didn't see a problem, just thought I'd add that note in there). They called me Thursday evening and told me they were sorry but they didn't have the item in stock but could ship another size and style overnight. I asked them if they'd exchange if the different size didn't work and they did not respond. Then they told me that it would cost me an additional $50 to overnight them (wrong size/style!) in order to get them to me by the next day! Needless to say, I canceled that order and ordered from you the very next day. Much to my surprise I received a confirmation THAT DAY and tracking number letting me know I would have the stirrups by Tuesday. Wow! I sure wish I had ordered from you in the first place! And there they were this morning on my front porch. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow and will definitely be giving you my business in the future. Thank you so much for your great customer service!! Shaleen Gillen

I placed an order on April 10th at around 9:00 pm. I received my order on April 14th, I even had a hand written note on the invoice inside that said Happy Trails. I am very pleased with the ordering process and the fast delivery and reasonable shipping charges, all the other sites I checked into were going to charge me half the price of the item just to ship it. I have a P.O. Box and I was able to get my order shipped to my P.O. Box, I hardly ever get to do that when I order something online, I have it sent to my daughter's house via UPS, who lives 45 minutes away and it usually takes me an extra couple of days to get over there to pick it up. I just wanted to let you know that I will definitely order from The Distance Depot again when I need something. It is so nice to know there are still companies out there with not only good but GREAT customer service. Thank You, Joyce Hathaway

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOOOOOOOVE my new bridle! In fact, I love it so much I'm ordering another one for my current endurance horse!

Thanks again for all your help--I'll definitely be recommending you guys to everyone!! Elle

I ordered a biothane bridle on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. It is high quality and exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the excellent service. Susan M.

I believe in the last month or so I have place three orders with your company and I just had to email and tell you how wonderful you are!! Out of three orders you got EVERYTHING right and I received every order within one week. My most recent order you got on March 30 and I received it today April 2. You are by far the best equine company that I have EVER ordered from and I wish you sold all of my horse supplies! As for the bridle, breast collar, and reins I just ordered I LOVE them!! The feel of the material is amazing and I can't wait to put it on my horse Saturday!! Thank you for everything and this will not be the last time I order from you! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Jennifer

I received the easy care stowaway water bottle holders today and tried them out immediately. Wow, they work! I am happy to actually have a convenient way to carry water on a Free form saddle! Most saddle packs don't work well with that saddle. But now I have a good set-up--water bottles in front with no bouncing, and a small cantle pack in back! Thanks, Kathy

Hi, Yesterday I received my English beta biothane bridle that I ordered. I have not tried it on my boy yet to check fit, but I wanted to say that it is a very nice bridle, well made from quality materials. Well worth the price! I just wanted to say Thank You! Jean

The girth was just delivered. Almost too lovely to use. I'm convinced we'd have more happy horses if people would use mohair girths. It's easy to find western ones, have yet to find an english one in any tack store (although I used to find the cheap english string girths occasionally, but not mohair and not with stainless steel fittings.) Thank you so much! Laurie

Received my pad and elytes today. That was FAST shipping! Thank you very much. Cheryl

Thank you so much for your amazingly quick attention to our pads. We look forward to receiving them and will tell all our endurance friends about your great service! Amanda

You guys are awesome! The saddle pad arrived today before noon! Thank you so much for such great service! Ann Cummings

Hi, I ordered the subject one day and it arrived the next day!!!
Amazing. It is beautiful too. Thank you so much for the prompt service. Jan Stalcup

I ordered a bridle from you last week. It was the first time I ever ordered from your company. I got your website from someone on the ectra yahoo list I think. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with this bridle. I got the halter bridle without the squares on the nose band. This bridle is gorgeous and is better looking than I expected. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I will surely recommend you to my friends and anyone else who needs a fabulous bridle. Karen Louya

Wow! Thanks so much! You and your company are unbelievable :) I really appreciate everything and I'm excited to get my shipment. Theresa

Just wanted you to know my halter/bridle came and I love it. My horse will appreciate the comfort too. I'll be ordering another one in the fall. Thanks again. Tara

I love my new halter/bridle, breast collar and reins! My gelding looks soooo sharp and I love the convenience of simply snapping on and off my bit/reins. I'll send a picture of Zeke (my horse) all decked out in his black/glossy black distance depot tack. He looks great! I have already given your name to others at the barn. Warmest Regards, Kelly

Wow, my order arrived just two days after placing it. I love the quality and design, it fits my horse perfectly. Thanks for providing excellent customer service. George Campbell, Argyle, TX

The halter-bridle arrived today - wow! It's gorgeous and very well constructed! Thanks for the quick work and taking the time to make it to my specifications. Can't wait until our first trail ride next month - she's going to really be quite the stylish mare! Lyn

Just wanted to let you know our Biothane halter/bridle and breast collar came in just time for our first ride. Thanks so much for the extra attention you gave our order. The bridle fit perfectly and our boy looked "STELLAR"in his new duds! Mark

Loved the bridle and reins you made for us. They look GREAT on the girls!! THANKS AGAIN! Theresa and Linda

I recently purchased a Tan Biothane Halter Bridle with Brown overlay and stainless hardware. The quality is fantastic. I absolutely love it. And...It arrived at my house nearly 72hrs after I placed my order. I was expecting to have to wait at least two weeks. I could not have picked a better place to purchase my custom made halter bridle from. Thank you for such great service. Jessica J. Landreth

Wow!! Now THAT'S customer service! Thank you for your diligence. I'll send you a picture of the whole outfit with the gray saddle on my horse when the bridle and girth arrive. Again, thank you! Sandie

I ordered a custom beta trail bridle from you earlier this year. It continues to be as perfect as the day I received it. After seeing how happy I am with my bridle, my husband asked me for a Distance Depot beta trail bridle to replace his horse's leather bridle. I gave you specific measurements and requirements. The bridle has arrived and it is everything I asked for. Again, you've produced a perfect bridle! How fortunate we are to have found a company that lets us customize a bridle, has great customer service, and produces a product that is everything we could hope for. Thank you! Nancy Howle, Maricopa, AZ

Thank You so much for the wonderful job you did on my halter bridle and breast collar. They turned out beautiful and they fit wonderful (thanks to you working with me on the measurements). We did a detail last night, patrolling the parking lots at an event and we looked great. Thank you again! Cathy

Misty's bridle/halter came in and it's perfect! Can't wait to put it on her. Thanks so much again for all the personal attention you have paid to my orders.....what a pleasure it is doing business with you! Sincerely, Pam

I just got my bridle and absolutely love love love it! Thank you soo much I can't wait to try it on my gelding tomorrow. It's even more beautiful than I expected! You have impressed me through the whole process:-) Your very happy customer, Alexandra

I love my dog collars. The blings are beautiful--As is the Turquoise. Thank you so much for the quickness of the order, and the creativity.....I will tell everyone I know about the collars. They are all I expected they might be--and more!!!!:-)))) Estelle

I picked up the bridle at the PO the day before yesterday. It is beautiful. I really like the material as well. Very soft. I went to the stable and tried it on Ayla. She looks awesome when she gets it on. WOW. That's all I can say. When I am riding, I catch myself saying how good she looks, and the girl I ride with, is tired of hearing me go on about it. Well, I can just say that I love it, and of course I will refer people to you. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Signe - Denmark

I just received the bridle and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will take a photo so you can see it on my horse. I will also tell all my friends about your products. You did a wonderful job! I love the idea you had about the TX star on a Chicago screw. Good Thinkin! Thanks again, Judy

I have put some miles on my new Beta bridle that you made for my horse, and here is my update. It's a fabulous bridle! It looks smart, people mistake it for leather, it's a pleasure to handle, easy to keep clean, the workmanship is excellent, and I'm 100% satisfied with it.
Thank you for offering to let me custom design my bridle, for your customer service, and for a very fine product. Nancy Howle, Maricopa, AZ