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Horse Quencher Single Serve Packets
Horse Quencher for Sale!

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Horse Quencher Single Serve Packets
Entices horses to drink water. It is made up of ingredients normally found in a horse’s diet. Horse Quencher offers a convenient way to keep your horse hydrated away from home.

Directions: For multiple horses, just add ½ cup per gallon of water, stir, and watch your horses drink up. Horse Quencher can even be made ahead of time to let the flavors blend. The horses will love it!

For Endurance Riders:

According to Dr. Fidler at Pennfield Feeds and Mike Lennox at Kentucky Equine Research: Using Horse Quencher during endurance rides may actually help maintain salt and electrolyte balance. The challenge for these events is to keep the horses hydrated and to maintain electrolyte balance. Given that the electrolytes by themselves are not palatable, the combination of electrolytes and Horse Quencher would seem a winning ticket! Horse Quencher used before the event, or used during the event at rest stops, will not create imbalances with other electrolytes such as calcium or potassium, especially if electrolytes containing calcium are administered at the same time. And because re-hydration is the goal, and Horse Quencher helps achieve better water intake, the product will work well when fed during an endurance race.
Single serve packets in apple or peppermint flavor!

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