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RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Hock Saver- Pair
RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Hock Saver For Sale

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RevitaVet Infrared Therapy - Hock Saver

The Hock Saver pair has 36 Visible Red diodes strategically placed to help relieve and prevent problems in one of the most important and hardest working joints in the horse. this will help prevent potential problems as well as help various lameness and cosmetic problems in the hock. Light emitted from these diodes may also open up the flow of energy in the six meridians that are believed to run through the hock. The Hock Saver should not be interchanged since the structures of the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) aspects of the hock are not exactly the same. The set consists of a Left and Right Hock Saver beacuse the points of stimulation are different on the outside and inside of the hock. For this reason, the Hock Savers are available in pairs only.
It is safe to use the devices more than once a day
The unit is issued with three "AA" batteries already installed

Directions for Use:
  1. Select the proper Hock Saver (left or right)
  2. Wrap around hock so that the small square opening (upper half) is over the point of the hock making sure that lights are on the inside towards the horse
  3. make sure that the front of the tongue is straight against the horse.
  4. Wrap the flaps around and secure with the Velcro straps
  5. Walk the horse until he/she is familiar with the product
  6. Press the "ON" button to start the therapy. A GREEN light indicates that the unit is now operating. (the unit will shut off automatically after thirty minutes)
Replace Batteries:
  1. Unscrew two screws located on either side of the control box.
  2. Use a small Phillips head screw driver. Be careful not to strop the screws
  3. Remove the cover, replace the three batteries, screw the cover back on.

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