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The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook- Small Only
The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook for Sale!

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The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook- Reins NOT Included
The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook made with Genuine Beta Biothane, provides a humane alternative to the Bronze Age technology of the bit. Unlike the bit, no pain is inflicted. Your horse is free from fear, listens more attentively, breathes more freely, and moves more gracefully. With a calm, less spooky horse, communication is enhanced, trust established, performance improved, and harmony achieved. Riding and driving becomes simpler, safer and more satisfying. Both you and your horse can relax and enjoy yourselves. Available with stainless steel hardware only. Made in the USA. Black and Brown Beta In Stock. Some Custom Colors are Available to Special Order-allow 2 weeks for delivery.

How do I determine what size I need? VERY IMPORTANT!

The bridles are all very adjustable with plenty of 'play' so correct fitting is rarley a problem. Nevertheless, if any bridle should be found not to fit, it can be returned and swapped for a different size. We can also accommodate mixed sizes if need be. If you would like to measure your horse's head to be sure of the size before ordering, measuring instructions are below with sizing charts.

Synthetic Bitless Bridles come in large, medium and small sizes. Unless you have a warmblood or a pony, you need a medium size. Warmbloods take a large size and ponies take a small size. Beta is also available in a draft size. A miniature size driving bridle is also available. All sizes are adjustable.

English Leather Bitless Bridles come in extra full (for warmbloods), full (for average size horses), cob (for Arabians and horses with smaller heads) and small (for ponies).

The Western leather Bitless Bridle comes in small (for ponies and very small horses), medium (for average horse sizes) and large (Warmblood).


Noseband:Measure 1 1/2 " to 2" up from the corner of the horse's mouth. From that point, measure the circumference of the horse's nose.

Headstall: From the same point (1 1/2 " - 2" up from the corner of the horse's mouth), run your tape measure to the very top of the poll (to the point right between the ears) and double that measurement number. This will determine the size headstall your horse needs.

How to Fit The Bitless Bridle

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